Accounts Receivable Management

NAC Releases New Web-based Billing Application

National Acceptance Company officially released their new billing application on April 1st after thirty-three months of development. The new web-based application will allow NAC to expand its payment processing products to soon allow features such as instant transaction processing and more detailed reporting. The current upgrade provides an even simpler user experience with reorganized menus, upgraded credit card and ACH processing, performance enhancements, scheduling of payments and refunds and report expansion. Users will mostly benefit from a new receivables report sorted into profit centers along with additional management reports for managing their organization.

Although the features may not appear drastic, the entire back-end of the billing operation has been completely revamped. “We arrive at the same results as before, but we now have the ability to do so with less human involvement and greater precision than we ever imagined” according to NAC president, Aaron Hoke. “We have a list of products in development now for quite a long time, and the new billing platform will allow the ability and flexibility necessary to create a more streamlined experience for the NAC customer.”

NAC has not changed the high level of customer service or removed and previous services/features available to clients in the past, but they do plan to continue to add products and services throughout the upcoming year.

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